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Leveraging social networking sites is the fastest way to market your company, promote your services and make money. Before you can have a legitimate online presence, you need a blog … and a good one.

Crappy blogs abound. Any fly-by-night can slap up some shoddy content and call it a blog. But embarrassingly bad blogs will yield nothing but mocking laughter. So don’t make one.

Instead hire someone with more than 10 years of experience researching and writing pithy, informative and interesting articles about, well, everything.

In addition to writing about my passions — pets, travel, books, gardening, community and humor — I’ve crafted stories for the insurance, business, newspaper, real estate and e-commerce markets.


I’ve written more than 200 articles for a wide variety of sites:

Pets Adviser
News, humor, health, breed profiles and human interest stories

Dog Care Classroom
Dog breed profiles, health, training and behavior

My Fat Pet
Health and weight-loss tips for dogs, cats and small mammals

Dog Style
Breed profiles, health, behavior and training

The World’s Cutest Animals
News and features about domestic and exotic animals

Silly, amusing and bizarre humor articles aimed at 14-year-old boys

Party Pail
Party ideas, hosting and production

Kill Your Clutter
Professional organization, cleaning and couponing

Wiener Wonderland
My dachshund-boarding services blog

LA Dachshund Examiner
Dachshund health, training, rescue and pictures

LA Gardening Examiner
Tips for organic gardening in Los Angeles

SF Station
City guides, restaurant reviews, literary arts events and book reviews

Citysearch San Francisco
Neighborhood profiles and general happenings

If you’d like to discuss how my blogging and feature-writing skills can promote your business, build your company’s reputation for excellence and drive traffic to your site, shoot me an email at tamar@crankyeditor.com.